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Axiom’s Communicative English Programme assists students to attain fluency in written and spoken English More

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Welcome To Axiom

Axiom is the result of our labour of love. For the past three years we have enabled our students to successfully attain requisite scores in IELTS and move onto opportunities in many nations of the Commonwealth. Besides guiding students through IELTS, Axiom also offer Communicative English courses for students and professionals and a module in effective English writing.

Tucked away in a quiet street off M.G.Road, the commercial hub of the city, Axiom functions out of a stately old house with cool interiors. We like to mix a measure of informality with the rigour of study. The balcony, shaded by a venerable tree, is very popular among students to browse through material and for discussions.

Both Vasantha and I are postgraduates in English with more than a decade’s experience in teaching and are trainers certified by British Council. Additionally we have participated in many ‘train the trainer’ programmes conducted by Cambridge University.

The distinctive attributes of our courses are the innovative techniques that we employ in preparing candidates for IELTS; familiarising students with test patterns, the stress we place on inculcating natural styles of communication and intensive workshops that we conduct for the reflective modules, reading and writing.

Students are individually assessed for strengths and weaknesses. The course material for every module is proprietorial, specially developed by Axiom. Every course contains customized content relevant to the needs of the students of that particular module. Modules are constantly modified and kept up-to-date according to contemporary trends in communication. Batches of students are maintained at optimal numbers to ensure that every student who enrols at Axiom receives individual attention to deal with specific problem areas.

Lodging and eateries catering to vegetarian and non vegetarian food are situated nearby. We are located close to both, Ernakulam railway station and the state transport bus stand. City buses from most areas in Kochi ply through M.G. Road. A bus stop is located within walking distance from our centre.